Below are the successfully funded projects. They are in their initial planning phases at the moment but we hope to be able to add updates on each project as they develop.

For more information follow the links below.

Project 1: Wimbledon in Bloom 
College: CCW – Wimbledon
Awardees: Peter Logan, Annamaria Gazinelli and Ann Marshall

Project 2: Draw Peckham 
College: CCW – Camberwell
Awardees: Nathan Fraser & Kelly Chorpening

Project 3: Speaking of Practice
College: CSM & CCWA
Awardees: Gill Anderson and Stephanie Spindler

Project 4: Oscar Night 2016 
College: CCW – Wimbledon
Awardees: Katy D’Cruz and Simon Betts

Project 5: Diversity Matters: Let’s talk about Race”
College: LCC
Awardees: Kai Lutterodt, Jennifer Williams-Baffoe and Tanicia Payne

Project 6: Pop-Up Digital Making Space 
College: CCW
Awardees: Chris Follows, Sadhna Jain and Anna Balint

Project 7: Arts:Live
College: LCC
Awardees: Peter Moorhead, Dian Sofia, Clive Beavan, Simon Hinde and Sarah Temple

Project 8: The Butterfly Project: Women and the Dark Side of Circus
College: CSM
Awardees: Dermot Hayes, Ell Fallows, Chuck Lowry and Fred Meller

Project 9: Digital Coffee 
College: LCF
Awardees: Mouhannad Al-Sayegh and Miguel Angel Ceballos

Project 10: Terrace Garden of Delights 
College: CSM
Awardees: Cheryl Kohl and Margot Bannerman

Project 11: KEY: practices-ideas-debates-moments-questions-words
College: CCW – Chelsea
Awardees: Katrine Hjelde and Grad Dip Fine Art Students